How do I pronounce OOVO?  What does it mean?

Just how it looks. “oo-vo” rhymes with “you go.” It’s a fanciful onomatopoeia for how you sound when singing through it. Think of it as short for “oo vocal.”

How do I use it?

Find a detailed How-To guide with vocal straw exercises here. There are tons of exercises you can do, depending on your goals. First thing to remember, focus all of your breath on vocalizing steadily through the straw so that no air comes out of your nose. Not sure if you’re doing it right? Hold your nose to test your method.

You should feel the resistance and your voice’s volume will be muffled (a nice benefit for anyone who has roommates or thin walls!). Our favorite ways to start are:

  • Sing your usual warm-up routine through the OOVO Straw or Sing Ring.
  • Sing along to the radio through your OOVO Straw or Sing Ring.
  • Sing challenging parts of a song you’re working on.
  • Practice smoothing out runs or stretching your range.

After 5 minutes of use, sing without it and feel the immediate difference! Over time, through consistent use, your natural vocal mechanisms will adjust for more free and healthy vocalization.

Which end do I sing through?

There’s some healthy debate among OOVO Straw users about which end to sing through. We are officially on #teamshortside but the truth is, it doesn’t matter. You do you.

For Sing Ring users, position the loop above the tube, and the OOVO text away from your face. Put the tip of your middle finger in the loop and vocalize through the end with the larger hole. Check the inside of your Sing Ring box for detailed instructions.

I’ve heard brass can have a metallic taste. Will that happen with the Sing Ring?

It should not. Some users at first insert the Sing Ring too far into their mouth. It only needs to rest on the outer dry portion of the lips and there should be no contact of the saliva or tongue with the tool. That should prevent any chance for metallic taste.

Do I breathe in through the straw?

Nope. Only sing/breathe out.

Can I wear the Sing Ring on my own necklace?

The Sing Ring is designed to be held during use, not worn (on fingers or on a necklace). Wearing brass jewelry can cause green areas to develop where it touches the skin, so we do not recommend that. Also, oils and moisture from skin can accelerate tarnishing.


I’m ordering from outside of the USA. How do I know how much I’ll pay in my local currency?

All pricing on the site is in USD. You can check live rates in your local currency using google or a currency conversion tool.

What’s your return policy?

We offer a 30-day return policy and 6-month warranty. See our complete return and warranty policy here. 

Oh, no! Something went wrong with my order/product. What do I do?

Email [email protected] and we’ll work to make it right. You can also use our contact form to get in touch and review our warranty information here

Do you offer bulk orders?

We offer professional studios, music departments, medical professionals, and voice coaches discounted bulk orders for their students/clients. Get in touch for details. Please include the name of your studio/school and your website. 

One of the items I purchased is on backorder. Will they both ship together or separately?

If you are in the United States, any item in your order that is in stock will ship immediately. The backordered item will ship when it arrives. The exception to this rule is the OOVO Care Kit, which will ship when the other item is back in stock.

If you are outside the United States, your order will be put on hold until all items in your order are in stock. All items in your order will go out together in one shipment. This ensures the lowest shipping cost.

For any questions specific to your order, you can email [email protected].

Are the OOVO Straw and Sing Ring patented?

The OOVO Straw and Sing Ring are both patented, and OOVO has additional patents pending. The OOVO brand is our trademark. Learn more at our intellectual property page.

Do you have a referral program?

We do! Our Ambassador Program is for professional referrals from vocal studios, artists, and medical/SLP professionals. Contact us regarding our ambassador program and bulk order programs.

What is the deal with International Shipping?

In certain regions we have local shipping, and you will see a $15 fee available at checkout. In other regions, we offer a $35 flat fee for express shipping, which is exclusive of VAT and any local tariffs. In rare instances, when express shipping costs far outstrip that $35 fee, OOVO will contact you to try to work out a less expensive option such as USPS First Class International. In extremely rare instances, we may need to refund/cancel the order if no viable shipping method is available.


How do I keep my OOVO Straw necklace shiny and avoid tarnish?

As with other jewelry, the more you wear our necklaces, the less they will tarnish. When you’re not wearing it, store it in the included pouch to keep it clean and shiny. Use the included polishing cloth to restore its luster every few weeks or as needed.

How do I keep my Sing Ring shiny and avoid tarnish?

The Sing Ring is designed to be held during use, not worn (on fingers or on a necklace). Oils and moisture from skin can accelerate tarnishing. Also, wearing brass jewelry can cause green areas to develop where it touches the skin, so we do not recommend that. That said, uncoated brass will inevitably tarnish. It is a natural feature of the material that will over time make every Sing Ring unique.

Should I clean it? How do I do that?

As with all professional-caliber instruments, the OOVO Straw necklace and Sing Ring require some care and maintenance. Fortunately, it’s much easier to clean than a trumpet. Polish the outside with the polishing cloth to remove surface dirt or tarnish. To sanitize your OOVO Straw or Sing Ring, our recommended method is to wash it with gentle soap and warm water. Remove residual water with a cloth and the provided brush. Remember to avoid contact with household chemicals and chlorinated water. These can cause jewelry to tarnish quickly.

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