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I love it so much! I've been using it for well over a year now and it's been incredibly helpful. I normally use it to warm up, but will also use it to reset my voice when I need to. It also looks great! Would highly recommend!
Rae - avatar Rae

I love my OOVO! It's part of my routine–sing-along to a song for a few minutes to warm up, then grab my OOVO and sing along to another song for 3-5 minutes for voice conditioning. I sing for fun, but I've noticed since I started using my OOVO that I use my diaphragm to breathe and sing much more. Plus, it looks really good as a necklace and people are always asking what it is.
Drew - avatar Drew

Thanks a lot for these cool, simple and beautiful tools. I've ordered an oovo straw and a sing ring and they are amazing. I'm not a singer, but I use them for controlling my vocal folds for my freediving sessions 🙂
Elvina - avatar Elvina

It's my first day using my OOVO straw and at first, I was unsure how much this would help. After using it to warm up and sing a little bit, I can say that I love it! I'll be using this to warm up every time I sing and before every audition.
André Pamplona da Silva - avatar André Pamplona da Silva

The Oovo straw has given me my voice back. Period. I am forever grateful. And it looks awesome too 😉
elisabeth holmertz - professional singer with MTD - avatar elisabeth holmertz - professional singer with MTD

I love it, I sing through it, I like to make sure it vibrates my teeth and lips to be sure it's working, I feel my stomach is pushing the sound and not my throat, I'm having to relearn to sing properly! It's a great help.
Melanie Hall - avatar Melanie Hall

My vocal instructor recommended. I love being able to wear it and use as I am feeling vocal tension throughout my day. It is beautiful and a joy to have. Thank you for making such a wonderful product.
Janelle M. Knespel - avatar Janelle M. Knespel

Love it!
Bev - avatar Bev

I've only had my OOVO necklace for a week, and I'm wondering why I haven't had this all my life. I'm a vocalist for a living, and this thing is an amazing tool. I normally vocalize with lip trills in order to get the effortless placement I'm trying to achieve, and this straw is an amazing way of doing that. When I switch from using this straw to singing, my vocal feels effortless. AMAZING.
Jessica - avatar Jessica

I'm seeing great results after two weeks of using it to warm up 5 minutes a day. It feels very different to normal singing and it's really encouraging me to sing correctly without straining. Highly recommended!
James Gammon - avatar James Gammon

This is my new best friend. I've always used a metal straw in my water bottles, but now I don't have to! It's super convenient and a wonderful fashion accessory (for a voice teacher).
Julia Kershetsky - avatar Julia Kershetsky

I love my sing ring - I bust it out when I am sitting watching TV after a long day of teaching, it's a lovely vocal reset
Julia - avatar Julia

I had never heard of using a straw until a few months ago. So I was using a stainless steel one. Then I received an email from a voice therapist who was recommending the oovo straw. So I researched it and decided to purchase one. I was especially interested in the fact you could wear it around your neck. When the straw arrived I was so impressed with the high quality presentation of the straw in such a lovely box as well as the straw itself. I’ve googled exercises since receiving the straw and one of the videos is by the owner himself with another voice coach. The only thing I wish I had known about is the ring oovo straw which I understand you can make a smaller hole for greater resistance. I’m still new to this though about all the benefits of semi occlusion. I need all the help I can get because I used to sing so well and then something happened to steal it away. Hopefully I can rebuild what was lost.
Carol Gaither - avatar Carol Gaither

I tour with a broadway show across the country and travel days, new venues, different hotels all provide challenges while performing. The OOVO straw has been a lifesaver and one of my favorite tools to use both as a performer and a teacher. I carry it with me everywhere and it's the perfect way to cool down on the way home after a show or warm up on my walk to the theatre. I no longer have to struggle with losing plastic straws in my backpack every week. I am SO thankful that I tried out OOVO and will not go back to any other straw for vocal warmups!
Patrick Garr - avatar Patrick Garr

For grand-daughter. She loves it.
JK - avatar JK

I absolutely love my sing ring, I honestly have it with me everywhere. I've struggled with straining on and off, and my ability to reach high notes consistently without straining is a huge difference now that I've been using my sing ring daily. Would totally recommend to anyone.
Andrew Leathers - avatar Andrew Leathers

Loving my OOVO! I regularly use it as a voice clinician in my therapy sessions, but also for my own vocal wellness.
Cara Bryan - avatar Cara Bryan

Love it!!! It’s a lifesaver on the subway. I can warm up gently or song full out and not be any louder than a gentle hum. A must have for NYC singers.
Blake Segal - avatar Blake Segal

Super helpful tool, really works miracles! Just don't leave it overnight in water, I forgot it when I wanted to clean it, and now it smells like metal.
Lydia Mellaart - avatar Lydia Mellaart

Not quite enough resistance for me personally I prefer a smaller straw but still a great product, really useful.
James Fisher - avatar James Fisher

Vocal breaks have already smoothed out and my voice fatigues less quickly than in the past! Loving this device. I use on my commute to and from work with Spotify vocal warm up play lists. Thanks!!
Kristen - avatar Kristen

As a vocal coach and singer, this is in my vocal "toolkit." Straw phonation is an amazing thing that works wonders on the voice and the OOVO straw necklace is perfectly portable and beautiful at the same time. It's very luxurious!
Nicolette - avatar Nicolette

I love my Sing Ring! I will never go back to hoping that I have a plastic straw somewhere at the bottom of my backpack. I am a professional singer who can tend to over-sing depending on how I wake up on any given day, so I find that the different resistance options available with the Sing Ring are exactly what I need to tailor my exercises to my needs. I have often found that I needed something right in between a drinking straw and a coffee stirrer, so this tool has been the perfect solution for me. If you use this on the highest resistance level, you can quickly reset your voice during a long rehearsal without anyone hearing a thing. One word of caution: The instructions suggest sanitizing the Sing Ring by submerging it in boiling water. I tried doing this and I noticed that it had unfortunately warped the brass a tiny bit, and caused some stains that hopefully will be removed with instrument polish. The warping was so slight that I do not think it will have any impact on how my Sing Ring works, but I am glad that I took it out of the water when I did!! Could you please create a more detailed care description for Sing Ring newbies?
I think that new users should know how many minutes would be appropriate to boil, and perhaps if there is a certain type of pot that they should use that would be safer. I also started the Sing Ring in the pot with cool water and waited for it to come to a boil, but now it seems that may have been a mistake leading to it being in the water for too long. Thank you!
Rachel Pomeranz - avatar Rachel Pomeranz

The best gift you can give yourself. I can warm up in only 5 minutes. The different resistance levels help a lot and make the process so much easier and fun. The voice goes exactly where it has to be and I've noticed an improvement in my vocal technique after a month. No joke!
Ginka Uchkova - avatar Ginka Uchkova

Loving my sing ring..! It helps me start my day. The different resistance levels are exactly what I need.
Jason Hall - avatar Jason Hall

It has helped me in my warm ups so much and I’m enjoying and using it everyday!
Dillan - avatar Dillan

My voice feels like silk after warming up briefly with this straw! What a delightful feeling! It helps me very gently clear mucus I didn’t even know was there. I don’t know how I managed without it before!
Princess - avatar Princess

My oovo straw is so convenient and practical! I love using it before a performance to warm up. Especially if my voice is a little tired, my oovo helps me gently warm up without strain. And it looks super cute too!
Liana - avatar Liana

After recovering from a vocal polyp I treated myself to an OOVO straw to maintain my vocal health. We used straws as part of my voice rehabilitation and it was crucial to bringing my voice back to full function without surgery. Now, I wear my OOVO daily and use it on my "vocal breaks" throughout the day to reset and relax. I also use it on gigs so I can reset during set breaks. By wearing it while teaching lessons, I never have to search for a straw to demonstrate straw exercises to my students and I'm setting a good example for them by taking vocal health seriously. It's probably one of my all-time favorite purchases. Beautiful and functional. Money WELL SPENT.
Wendy Jones - avatar Wendy Jones

This has been a great tool for my 17 year old son who always forgot his straw for lessons. No more digging for one in the car as we drive to lesson.
Janice Guazzo - avatar Janice Guazzo

Thanks to this necklace, which I wear and use daily, i have noticed a significant improvement to my vocal studies. It has a gorgeous design that adds a touch of elegance to any OOTD. It is very easy to clean with the tools provided in your box. Thank you OOVO!
Miranda - avatar Miranda

Gorgeous design with an even better result. I wear my straw daily and have noticed significant improvement in my studies. Highly recommend.
Miranda - avatar Miranda

Love it! I've been a fan of the straw warm-up for years. Now that I have one on a necklace I practice way more frequently. It's also pretty cool looking. I get compliments all the time.
dawn lewis - avatar dawn lewis

Well, the bonus of the OOVO straw is that since acquiring it, I've managed to sing a WHOLE lot more than I normally do. As a teacher and singer, I use the straw throughout the day to reset my own voice, and it has been a TREMENDOUS tool for me as well. Would love to be able to give them out to all my students in my voice studio at some point! Thanks for this creative and planet-friendly tool for voice development!
Justin Petersen - avatar Justin Petersen

In high level Barbershop and choral singing you hear and do a LOT of semi-occluded warm ups, the most common of which is "bubbling" (lip trills/buzzing, etc). The Oovo straw is a great addition to the vocal toolbox and can even replace things like bubbling. It definitely helped me support my bass range, low, mid, and high. Having it with me all week, around my neck, at the International Barbershop Competition with various rehearsals at different times and places is fantastic!
Dave S - avatar Dave S

This is the most awesome addition to my clinic. I wear it all the time and am able to demonstrate straw phonation to my patients easily, without using plastic straws. Straw phonation provides inertive reactance to help ease vocal fold collision forces, and I’m happy to bring Ingo Titze’s research to my patients with such a beautiful piece of jewelry.
Kristie Knickerbocker - avatar Kristie Knickerbocker

This necklace is beautiful and durable. It feels great to practice with a straw that is good for the environment!
Mary - avatar Mary

OOVO is a life saver and a game changer. Making my warm-up and cooldown routines reliable and bulletproof has meant my weekly gigs involve less stress and guesswork; no need to cross fingers and hope that my voice will perform as I know it should. It all feels under control after a 5-10 minute oovo warm-up.
Eric - avatar Eric

It works. I use to use plastic straws and paper straws. My vocal coach recommended this to me. I use it to warm up my voice before I sing and I also use it to cool down my voice after I sing. One time buy, It’s worth it. No more throwing away straws after a lesson or performance.
Naomi - avatar Naomi

Size and durability are perfect. Great as a warm up tool but also an endurance developer. Helps create balanced support also great for cool down and helping any overuse.
Andrew - avatar Andrew

I can’t recommend the OOVO straw enough. I love to wear it. I’m constantly getting compliments on it as an accessory, but perhaps even more importantly, it’s my favorite warmup device I’ve ever used. There’s true resistance for building stamina and sound canceling so I don’t keep my roommates up at all hours. And since it’s around my neck, I can warmup anywhere from my apartment, to the subway platform, to (in one case) inside the audition room because the casting director was so enamored with the straw. I love the OOVO and you will too.
Jim H - avatar Jim H

The OOVO Vocal Straw Pendant is cool for a lot of reasons.
The first of course is that it helps me keep my commitment to going plastic-straw-free, a tough thing to do when you run a voice studio. It's a beautiful little thing, and I suppose could be as much a piece of jewelry as a tool/utility. Singing "brrr" has long been the way introducing singers to semi-occluded vocal tract exercises, and since straw phonation has been popularized in recent years by science pedagogues like Dr. Ingo Titze and Jeanie LoVetri, OOVO is the perfect thing for those who like to have the next great accessory. It works, it can go anywhere, it saves me from using single-use plastic straws, and it's cute. Packaging is great, too. I'd be happy to recommend it. - Sara Leib, Voice Teacher and CEO of Voxercise
Sara - avatar Sara

I’m a big fan of the straw as a tool for vocalists and I’m now slightly obsessed with the one I acquired in LA last week. The OOVO Straw is brilliant for vocal warm-ups, cool-downs, and general vocal health, not to mention it’s a really cool necklace! It’s like hitting a little “reset” button for your voice.
Laura D. - avatar Laura D.

I'm a professional opera singer and I already started using it. It is fabulous. The fact that it’s a necklace is just perfect since I can never find a straw in a hotel room. It’s pretty rad and I feel better knowing that I’m not using any more plastic straws for my warm-ups!! Thank you @oovostraw!
Justin F.S. - avatar Justin F.S.

I love it! I used to use a plastic straw from Starbucks but there wasn't much resistance and they get gross in my bag so I got this. The size wasn't what I expected. It's a little bigger than the straws you get in a cocktail, not like a regular drinking straw. But I looked it up and that's the size you're supposed to use to get the best exercise so I kept it. Tried it for a few weeks. I definitely feel the resistance vs the plastic ones. And I'm not throwing a bunch of plastic away anymore, which I always felt bad about. And I don't feel like I'm gonna get sick from using a gross straw that's been laying around. Overall, I love it! My voice is definitely getting stronger. Side note -- it muffles the sound when you practice. I can sing at full blast without annoying my roommate. She'd give it 5 stars for that. I'm giving it 5 bc it works well. I expected it to be bigger but now I like that it's small. Shipping was fast. Lots of good videos on youtube if you're looking for warm-up exercises. Five stars.
Nichole - avatar Nichole

My girlfriend and I both have one now. It's been well worth it for me. Less expensive than one lesson with my vocal coach, and I'm feeling the benefits big time. In terms of technical stuff, it's helped me smooth out my passaggio and immediately showed me I was using too much air with too little support in my mid-range. It's kind of like the vocal equivalent of a golf-swing trainer. It literally won't let you sing wrong.

5 stars. Works. One-time-buy.
Joe - avatar Joe
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