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The Sing Ring by OOVO is the best tool for mastering vocal straw phonation exercises. Find your optimum resistance with four levels in one device. If you speak or sing at your job or hobby, the Sing Ring will help you fix vocal strain, overcome breaks, and build a stronger voice.

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Who Loves the Sing Ring?

  • Singers, especially those who are working to smooth out a break in their range or want to strengthen their voice.
  • Anyone who talks all day as part of their job or hobby. Sing Ring helps you reduce vocal strain and avoid losing your voice after a long day. Teachers, salespeople, athletic coaches, customer service staff, public speakers… anyone who feels hoarse after leaving their job can benefit from vocal straw exercises.
  • Speakers and singers who want to build a more powerful voice through exercise and vocal training.
  • Voice users whose needs change over time. Whether you’re going through vocal therapy, experiencing a change in your voice, or working toward a longer-term goal, the Sing Ring lets you change resistance levels as your voice needs evolve.

If you’re just starting out with vocal straw exercises or are not sure what resistance you need, the Sing Ring is a great option. Work through the varying levels of resistance to find your preferred level, and eventually work up to the professional level of the OOVO Straw Necklace. Not sure which tool is for you? Check out this side-by-side comparison.

How To Use Your Sing Ring

  • Point the OOVO logo away from you. Position the ring facing up, around your middle fingertip.
  • Sing through it. No air should pass through your nose. Not sure if you’re doing it right? Hold your nose to check your method.
  • Start with level 0 by vocalizing through the straw without covering any diamonds.
  • Then add resistance by progressively covering the diamond-shaped holes starting with 1, then add 2, then 3. You will feel the pressure balance within your vocal tract, reducing stress on your vocal folds and cords.
  • Practice for 5 minutes, up to 5 times a day. Check out these 9 exercises recommended by vocal coaches.
  • Pro Tip: More resistance does not always equal better exercise. Experiment to find your perfect level.

Package Includes

  • Sing Ring crafted in solid brass with four resistance levels
  • Zippered carrying case, carabiner clip

Tips & Care

  • Like other professional instruments, the Sing Ring is made of solid brass and should be polished and cleaned to maintain shine.
  • Clean with a polishing cloth. To sanitize, submerge in boiling water and dry with a soft cloth. Professional instrument polish may be used. Avoid contact with chlorine and household chemicals.
  • Special Offer: Save $10 when you add an OOVO Care Kit with polishing cloth, cleaning brush, and microsuede pouch.
Weight4 oz
Dimensions5 × 5 × 3 in

2 reviews for Sing Ring by OOVO

  1. Jason Hall

    Loving my sing ring..! It helps me start my day. The different resistance levels are exactly what I need.

  2. Dillan

    It has helped me in my warm ups so much and I’m enjoying and using it everyday!

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