What is Straw Singing?

Straw Phonation, vocal straw exercises, straw singing… there are a lot of ways to refer to Semi-Occluded Vocal Tract training. They all mean the same thing: semi-occluding, or partially blocking, your vocal tract while you sing or speak. 

While singing or speaking through a straw, your vocal tract is partially blocked. If the straw is the right diameter, it balances the air pressure above and below the vocal folds, keeping them separated just enough to reduce vocal cord impact. The result is low-impact resistance training for your voice.

Singers and speakers use this technique to alleviate vocal strain, eliminate vocal breaks, and develop a more powerful voice. Watch our video to see it in action.

How It Works

OOVO Straws train three key elements of your voice at once: breath, phonation, resonance. It’s low-impact resistance training for your voice. 

Benefits For Your Voice

OOVO products are based on voice science, not fads. The industry’s best researchers, coaches, and doctors have proven straw exercises help singers and speakers:

  • Improve Range
  • Use Breath Efficiently
  • Fix Vocal Strain
  • Develop A More Powerful Voice
  • Smooth Vocal Breaks
  • Healthy Warm Up
  • Support Voice Recovery
  • Practice Quietly Without Straining
  • Immediate Benefits That Increase Over Time

How Long Does It Take?

Minutes A Session

Up To

Times A Day

OOVO Design

Designed in Los Angeles and handcrafted for the precise resistance you need. The OOVO Straw Necklace is sleek and attractive to wear. Just toss it on and exercise your voice anywhere.

How to Use It

It’s simple: Sing through it. Use your OOVO Straw in 5-minute increments, up to 5 times per day.

Why Plastic-free

Vocal coaches and health professionals use the daily “straw singing” technique to teach their clients to warm up and train their voice. But it used to require tons of plastic straws, which are devastating to oceans. Now there’s a better way. The OOVO Straw helps you find your best voice without damaging our oceans. And our packaging—that’s plastic-free too.

OOVO Straw Necklace Silver side view

Who uses It

From everyday speakers to radio personalities and choir members to opera divas, OOVO users all have one thing in common. They depend on their voice. OOVO helps:​

  • Vocalists warm up quickly, quietly, and efficiently.
  • GRAMMY-winning singers prep for sold-out shows.
  • Teachers, salespeople, and strenuous voice-users stop losing their voice.​
  • Fortune 500 executives, speakers, and officials maintain vocal power.
  • Doctors and Speech Language Pathologists teach their patients.
  • Magicians coax rabbits out of hats.

No matter what your profession or hobby is, when the pressure’s on, OOVO delivers.

What People Are Saying

"I can’t recommend it enough. It’s my favorite warm-up device I’ve ever used."​
Jim Hogan, NY
"After using it for a day, I purchased another to give as a gift. I love it that much."
John Henny, CA​
"The fact that it’s a necklace is perfect. It’s pretty rad and I feel better not using plastic straws."
Justin Fatu Su’esu’e
Opera Singer​

Find Your Best Voice