The environmentally friendly vocal straw.
Plastic free and chemical free, this is your last straw.

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Material Matters

Material Matters

Vocal coaches and pros use the straw technique to warm up and train their voice. But plastic straws are not only devastating to our oceans, they’re also a breeding ground for bacteria. The OOVO Straw™ is a patent pending vocal tool made with sterling silver—no plastic, chemicals, or synthetic materials. Find out how it works.

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Always Be Ready

As a vocalist, you always have your instrument with you. And now you can keep your most important tool close too. The OOVO Straw™ is the best choice for a better voice.


Vocal Strength

Backed by the world’s best vocal coaches and scientific studies, semi-occluded vocal tract training is proven to result in a more powerful, healthy voice. Read more from the experts on how the SOVT technique improves vocal strength and longevity for both singers and speakers.

How it works
Vocal Strength

Vocal Pros Love It

  • My problem was trying to keep a straw around. I have straws at my piano, but they are plastic and are constantly being thrown out, which is not good for the planet we are riding on. Away from the piano? I would keep them in my pocket, but the straws would get bent, or I would forget them. The OOVO Straw is not only convenient to have on me at all times; it is far more hygienic. They gave me a free OOVO to try in exchange for my opinion. However, after using it for just a day, I purchased another to give as a gift. I love it that much. johnhenny.com

    John Henny, Vocal Coach, John Henny Music Academy
  • I’m a big fan of the straw as a tool for vocalists and I’m now slightly obsessed with the OOVO Straw. It is brilliant for vocal warm-ups, cool-downs, and general vocal health, not to mention it’s a really cool necklace! It’s like hitting a little “reset” button for your voice. lauradonohuevoice.com

    Laura Donohue, Nashville, TN, Singer/Songwriter & Vocal Coach
  • I’m an opera singer and I already started using my OOVO Straw. It is fabulous. The fact that it’s a necklace is just perfect since I can never find a straw in a hotel room. It’s pretty rad and I feel better knowing that I’m not using any more plastic straws for my warm-ups! Thank you @oovostraw!

    Justin Fatu Su’esu’e, LA, Opera Singer