Ambassador FAQ

Getting Started

  1. Get approved to become an Ambassador. Accept the Ambassador Agreement.
  2. Get a Personal Referral Code and Referral Link.
    You will receive an email with a personalized referral code and a login to create your own referral link. The activated code will offer your family, friends, clients, and followers an immediate 10% discount.
  3. Start Posting
    Post your referral link and code with pictures of yourself using/wearing your OOVO and tag us. We’ll also email you some info to share, sale announcements, and ideas from our team.
  4. Get Paid
    Earn 10% commission from all sales attributed to your referral link or code. You will receive a payout once per month via PayPal.
  5. Help the team!
    We love the power of community. Have an idea for a promotion, collaboration, contest or giveaway? Get in touch! New ideas are our favorite thing, ever.

Read the full Ambassador Agreement here.

Creating Links and Codes

How do I get a referral link?

  • Log in to the Ambassador Dashboard
  • Create your personalized link with the URL Generator.
  • Share that URL on social, email, etc
  • There’s no need to create multiple links, but you can if you want to link straight to a specific product for your post (gold vs silver) or use campaigns to track results based on where you share (Facebook link vs email link).
Creating a Campaign-Specific Link
How do I get a 10% Off code to share?
When you sign up to be an Ambassador we’ll assign you a code and email it to you. If you’d like to change your code, email us.
Can I post my code on coupon sites?
No. Customers who are searching for a coupon are already in the market for an OOVO Straw, so this method adds no value to OOVO. Full details on cool/uncool promotional methods are in the Ambassador Agreement.
What are good ways to share my code or link?
You can share your code or link virtually anywhere except coupon websites. For example:

  • YouTube: Create your own videos, reviews, comments
  • Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, go nuts!
  • Blogs/Websites: Your blog, someone else’s blog as a guest post, your homepage
  • Email: Send to your subscribers or add your link in your email signature
  • Direct messages on social media platforms
  • Print collateral
  • SMS/Text messages
  • Side of a blimp, skywriting…you get the idea.

Just be authentic with your friends/followers. Any type of spam is prohibited. Any links, ads, emails, comments, messages, etc. sent to recipients repeatedly or without consent is considered spam. If you’re not sure if a method is permitted, just reach out. We’re here to help. You can also refer to the Ambassador Agreement for more details.

Getting Credit For Sales

How do promo codes and sales affect my commission?
You’ll earn a commission on the total amount the customer pays, not including tax or shipping.
Here are examples of earnings by sale price with a 10% commission:

$99 on sale + Tax and Shipping$9.90
$109 through your link with a Give/Get $20 Off code + Tax and Shipping$10.90
$116 with your 10% Off code + Tax and Shipping$11.60
$129 full price through your link + Tax and Shipping$12.90
$129 x 2 full price through your link + Tax and Shipping$25.80
$116 through your link but another Ambassador’s 10% Off code$0 – The Ambassador who owns the code is credited for the sale.
What if someone I refer uses a promo code that isn’t mine? Do I still get credit?
If a customer uses your referral link and uses a code or sale provided by OOVO (like a happy birthday credit or holiday sale), you still get credit for that referral. The only exception is if someone clicks your link and uses another Ambassador’s 10% Off code. In that case, the owner of the code “wins” and and will receive the referral credit. Ambassador promo codes can not be combined with each other.

What if two people refer the same customer?
The most recent referral will receive commission for the sale. If someone clicks Ambassador A's referral link, then Your referral link, you would get credit for the sale.

If someone clicks your link but uses another Ambassador’s 10% Off code, the owner of the code “wins” and and will receive the referral credit.
How do I know if one of my referrals purchased?
Log in to your Ambassador Dashboard and click Statistics for real-time stats on how many visits and sales you’ve driven.
Can I track what platform is performing better for my referrals?
Yes! When you create a referral link, you have the option to create a campaign for that link. By creating a different campaign for each platform you use, you can see how each one is performing side-by-side in your dashboard.

For example, if you create a Facebook link/campaign and an Email link/campaign, those links will be slightly different and will track separately in your dashboard. Some examples of campaign names are: “Winter Email”, “Twitter”, “Feb Facebook”, and so on.

Pro Tips:

  • The name of the campaign WILL show up in the URL, so keep it classy.
  • A shorter, simpler campaign name usually works best.
  • Using campaigns helps you know what’s working and where to focus your marketing efforts for maximum sales and referrals.
  • You can make as many links and campaigns as you like, but they cannot be deleted, so plan your strategy in advance.
Example of Campaign Tracking

Getting Paid

How do I get paid?
We pay out Ambassador commissions in USD via PayPal in the first week of every month. As we have a 30-day money back guarantee, we only pay commissions that are older than 30 days. The minimum automatic payout balance is $50.00, so you receive a decent chunk of cash when payouts come around. And there’s no maximum payout balance, so go nuts!
Can I request a payout under $50?
Yes. To request a manual payout under $50, please reach out via email to [email protected].
Do I have to use PayPal?
Yes. We take security very seriously. We use PayPal because it’s the safest way for us to pay you without requesting or maintaining your bank account information. And it’s free for you, so that’s a bonus!

Get Help

If your question isn't covered here, drop us an email at [email protected] and we'll get back to you quickly.

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