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When singer gift ideas have you stumped, here’s the best advice: the best gift for a singer is the one they will actually use.

The Gift Singers Want — And Will Use

As you’ve surely discovered, there are loads of unique gifts for musicians, athletes, and writers. But what about gifts for singers and songwriters? We’ve rounded up the most unique gifts for singers that they really want and will use. 

Whether you’re looking to support the singer girl in your life, or scouring the internet for the best gift for your singer boyfriend, OOVO has you covered with quality, affordable gifts to help improve their voice. 

So if it’s a graduation gift, birthday gift, or a just-cuz gift, OOVO products are the gift for singer friends across the board.

What Do Singers Want?

Let’s start with the most important question — what do singers actually want? Whether you’re looking for gifts for classical singers or opera singers, or gifts for teenage singers just starting out — or even gifts for bad singers — the fact is they all want the same thing: to improve their voice and keep it healthy.

So, how can you help? Are there things you can give them to take care of their voice? Yes, there are!

There are two tools backed by voice science that help singers improve their voice fast. These tools have been specifically designed for singers to:

The OOVO Vocal Straw Necklace is an elegant and wearable voice exercise tool on a chain, so you can take it with you everywhere — a constant reminder of their favorite gift-giver

Its little brother, the Sing Ring, is an affordable, durable, 3-in-1 voice warm-up instrument that fits in your pocket. 

Both keep your voice healthy and come wrapped in a sleek singer gift box. Each piece is handmade, backed by a guarantee, and built build to last.

Sing Ring

Sing Ring by OOVO vocal training tool

OOVO Vocal Straw Necklace

Straw Singing Necklace OOVO Straw for vocal exercises.
$99.00 — $129.00

Get them what they really want: A strong, healthy voice.

That Sounds Perfect. How Do These Tools Work?

The OOVO Straw necklace and Sing Ring both offer resistance training for the voice. Just like an athlete uses resistance training to jump higher, a singer can use these tools to learn to sing higher, louder, better. 

Fix Voice Break
For a voice break — that rough spot between low and high — OOVO supports the voice through the break, helping singers be more confident in their voice. Choir directors have found great success in training teenage singers like the Los Angeles Children’s Chorus Young Men’s Ensemble, who use the Sing Ring because it has increasing levels of resistance to adjust to each student’s needs. 

Warm Up Fast
Some days a singer will hit every note with ease, and then other days their voice takes a whole lot more work to warm up.

OOVO’s targeted resistance helps singers warm up their voice safely in under 10 minutes, guaranteed. 

Top voice coaches like best-selling author John Henny recommend OOVO as the essential super-fast warmup.

Quiet Vocal Exercise
The OOVO Straw and Sing Ring both mute vocal exercise by up to 80% allowing for quiet, yet more efficient practice. How? By using your own breath to offer resistance, you’re also reducing the amount of air and vibration going outward. Which means the total sound is greatly reduced. 

Sing Ring Demo

Sing Ring by OOVO vocal training tool

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Finneas and Kerry Ellis OOVO Straw Necklace

Who’s Using OOVO?

You’ve probably seen both of these products on social media. From Grammy winners to the coaches behind the most powerful singers in the industry, Sing Ring and OOVO Vocal Straws have beed hugely welcomed as a must-have for every singer’s toolkit. 

But the true test is in the thousands of everyday singers who rely on them to fix their voice fast. From choir members to young students and from aspiring bands and Broadway actors — these two products are officially the 2021 singer gift to buy. 

Hear From The Pros

"I’m obsessed. It’s like hitting a reset button for your voice."
Laura Donohue
vocal coach, Nashville
"Chic as hell. I use it twice a day on show days and it changed the game for me."
Scott Hoying
"Beautiful and functional! I love it!"
Isabel Leonard
GRAMMY Award Winning Soprano
"I can’t recommend it enough. It’s my favorite warm-up device I’ve ever used."​
Jim Hogan, NY
"After using it for a day, I purchased another to give as a gift. I love it that much."
John Henny, CA​
"The fact that it’s a necklace is perfect. It’s pretty rad and I feel better not using plastic straws."
Justin Fatu Su’esu’e
Opera Singer​

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